W15: New ways of faith

How can people live community in faith and thus shape the culture of the Church in a new way? “The Other Thursday” and #onfire are two examples of the culture of spiritual awakening in the Diocese of Hildesheim. In the workshop, these and other ways of trying out new steps on faith journeys with people today will be presented and experienced.

Dr. Julia Niemann

Dr Julia Niemann (Dr phil., born in 1980) works as project coordinator of the Godehard Year 2022-2023 in the Diocese of Hildesheim. For this year, she bundles, networks and highlights projects and initiatives that serve the inner renewal of the diocese. As an art historian and liturgical scholar, she is also passionate about sacred spaces and their use and transformation.

Christian Schramm

Dr Christian Schramm (PD Dr theol., born in 1977) is a biblical scholar and works as a consultant for faith paths in the Diocese of Hildesheim. With passion and Franconian charm, he explores (new) ways of faith with people, searches for treasures of the Word of God for us today and always has the Good News in his luggage.

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