W18: Real estate as an opportunity*

How do we deal professionally with our buildings? Real estate processes can become promoters of Church development. The workshop will show which pastoral opportunities lie in the newly conceived handling of real estate and how they can be used.

Simon Rüffin

Simon Rüffin, born in 1984, has a degree in theology and works in the Archbishopric General Vicariate of Paderborn. As a member of the multi-professional real estate consulting team, he supports parishes in the development of future-oriented real estate concepts.

Matthias Kaune

Since 1988 he has been an employee of the Diocese of Hildesheim and consultant for local Church development. He has held various training courses on Church development in England, Bolivia, India, South Africa, USA and the Philippines, among others.

Has a heart for Church transformation processes and ecumenism.

Sabine Klages

Sabine Klages, born in 1968, is an architect Dipl.-Ing. (FH) and team leader in the building department of the Episcopal General Vicariate in the Diocese of Hildesheim.
Development and support of the real estate process “Future Spaces” in the Diocese of Hildesheim with the parishes in the development of future-oriented real estate and pastoral concepts.

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