W3: Customer Journey

How can offers be developed close to the addressees? In a “customer journey”, one steps into the shoes of the people to whom an offer is directed. Step by step, the contacts are visualised with the aim of orienting the offer empathetically and closely to the needs of the people. In the workshop, the intention and logic of the tool will become clear and it can be tried out in practice.

Dr. Valentin Dessoy

Dr phil. Valentin Dessoy is the managing director of Kairos (Dipl.-Psych., Dipl.-Theol., Supervisor, Coach, Trainer and Organisational Consultant) and author and editor of relevant publications in the fields of leadership, innovation, strategy, organisational and personnel development. He is a partner in the cooperation Hahmann & Dessoy, founder and co-editor of the online journal futur2, initiator and co-organiser of the congress series “Strategy and Development in Church and Society”.

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